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We provide different categories of writing to our writers. After all, health is wealth and it is always the first thing we should focus on to enjoy life to the fullest and the longest. If you are a fitness freak and want to share your thoughts and knowledge, then this is the right platform where you can receive recognition around the globe as a blogger. It gives you the key to live a satisfying and joyful life. We ensure that our readers receive optimum benefit from our blogs and therefore, it contributes to their everyday living.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee a specific date for publication as published articles are often scheduled according to priorities. If you want your article to appear sooner on our website and you are only slightly off-tune with our style and need minimal formatting changes, we can push up the schedule accordingly. Since we aim to provide information backed by facts and figures you can include links to high-authority websites that can back up your claim. If you’re an expert on the following ‘Health Write for Us‘ topics or have anything else fresh to contribute, please let us know.

You can send your articles from the “Write for us health” page so that we can include your writing to our blog. Our aim is to give a chance to new talented people to share their articles with us. If you are familiar with any of this niche feel free to write for us.

In no time, an original and topic-related post will be uploaded. Write catchy articles, which are the most crucial principles to take in order to entice visitors to read the rest of the article. There are many reasons why you should ‘Write for Us,’ including weight loss. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at . Everything we publish on Basil Park has a positive angle. We don’t chastise people, nor tell them theymust do things a certain way.

It’s not always pleasant, but the main advantage is that I can see immediately when there is an issue and nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. I lost a total of about 15 pounds last year, but recently 5 have crept back on. I worked hard to get that weight off, and I don’t want to go through that again. So even though I’m not happy about the 5, I’d rather deal with 5 now than with 15 later. As an article writer, there is a good chance you might get your application declined if you do not produce an exceptional article for us.

Once the post is accepted by FitnDiets, it should not be republished anywhere else. You should send at least 3 relevant images, which must be your own work or from the public domain which should be copyright free or has valid copyrights. We are regularlylooking for content, whether you are unique to writing or longer experienced.


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This is going to open your mind and going to help you with writing skills as well because not everyone is capable of writing. At indinewz.com, we provide the right platform to submit guest blogs with innovative ideas and creative writing related to health and fitness. We welcome all the writers who have been stopping themselves from letting their talent out because they lack confidence. We provide helping hands to all the writers to upgrade their skills. Let the writer inside you jump out and provide people with knowledge on health which could be a lifesaver for them.

Although many different “fad” diets are available, a balanced lifestyle and nutritious diet are the key to healthful living and better weight control. Are you a writer or a blogger who loves to write about different niches with the latest trends? Then you are in the right place we are looking for someone who is good at English and grammar area.

Instead, the researchers told them they could do whatever they thought would work to lose the weight. They did give them some examples to get them started, like cutting back on calories, skipping a meal, and exercising more. Your article will be reviewed within a week after its submission and then it will be sent back to you with a request to make the necessary adjustments. Sometimes, an article needs a considerable amount of editing, which could cause some delays in the processing period. The articles must be properly structured, i.e., they must include headlines, short paras, and bullet points wherever required. Gerhard Whitworth, RN Answers represent the opinions of our medical experts.

The daily aspect of it means that we can’t brush it off—we’re reminding ourselves every day that we are closer from our goals. When that line on the graph gradually goes up and up, it’s a lot harder to deny what’s happening. It’s too easy to rationalize when it comes to weight gain.

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