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You can use additional subheadings like and and bullet points to improve readability. We allow one do-follow link only in the author’s bio. Any topic that doesn’t align with our niche – like ‘mobile marketing’, ’email marketing’ etc.

Thus, we prefer posts that are written in plain English when you describe IT terms. You must always linking back to previously published socialbarrel articles. Those published articles you’ve submitted to us will be stored in our library of the best content.

If we think it’s the right fit, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post. To submit your article idea, please fill out the form below. Submissions must meet the Creately content team’s quality standards in order to get published. Editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion and make minor edits to your article. This is a brand new service we’re offering, so to test the waters, we’re only looking for new, high-quality creative content to showcase to our interested audience.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Make sure you understand the site’s tone and audience before pitching a post. Read through the site’s submission guidelines to see what they’re looking for. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that you know will interest the site’s readers. We’ll shoot you an email to let you know whether or not your guest blog post has been accepted for VOCSO. When conducting research for a blog post, be sure to pull quotes from other sources that can help to enhance your piece. Including quotes from other sources in your blog can help to add credibility to your writing.

As a result, we’re providing a remarkable chance for writers and authors to obtain recognition and a platform to promote their work. Furthermore, you can add your beneficial information to our worthy webpage for a reasonable cost. We suggest including images in your article, but make sure you do not use copyrighted images and that you have sufficient permission to use them. If we don’t get back to you within a week of your first request, please understand that we’ve politely rejected your submission.

Professional content writers, editors, and the SEO team will look into this. Writing a blog can be a great way to connect with others and share your ideas and expertise. Our editors will review the article and get published in 2 days or last in a week. After your article is published, we encourage you to promote it to your own networks to help increase its reach. We love articles that provide numbered lists of tactics. Avoid using irrelevant images or copyright images owned by someone else.

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