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When people go online, they want to have fun and have a good time, therefore making your posts dull is the worst thing you can do. We are looking for poker content for our blog, if you think you are good at writing this may be a great opportunity for you to generate extra income. When writing headlines be specific and indicate a benefit to the reader. Read How to Write a Headlines if you need pointers. The following are required material for the Gifts blog.


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By giving us your article, you accept that we own all intellectual property and content rights, including but not limited to publishing, editing, and copyrights. You may not publish the same material on other websites — if your work is accepted and published by us, you agree not to publish it elsewhere. You must be able to satisfy our editorial requirements to be accepted for guest writing on our website since we do not compromise on quality. Content Transparency – Our readers deserve to know exactly where we get our information.

We want as many voices as possible on our site, so we strive to make the submission process as easy as possible while still being able to thoroughly review your work. With a minimum word count of 500 words per article and maximum of 2,000 words, there is plenty of room for your creative licence. From Sunday majors to everyday High Roller tournaments, $109-entry tickets can help you win a fortune on partypoker online, and in turn, could be your next great article to read. When you gambling write for us using different formats, you will have a better chance of attracting readers. So, make sure the articles you work on have a varying format such as listicles and FAQ-styled blogs among others.

High-quality writing with innovative concepts and impartial and persuasive arguments. The images added should not contain any watermarks or copyright. Use the right headings and subheadings to make the content more comprehensible.

We will check for plagiarism and will never allow papers or even sections of articles that have been plagiarized. We will never deal with plagiarised content and will only accept original poker write for us guest posts. We charge $150 usd for publication of articles custom designed to support client or commercial links. The article, and the do-follow link, will remain on our domain permanently.

Once the article outline has been accepted by us and the article is published on our website, it can be published elsewhere. These are just a few examples to get you going. If your topic is related to gambling or betting, we’re likely to accept it. • If we choose to submit and post your article on a certain website, you will not be permitted to publish identical content on any other website. Blogs4casino.com is a pure Casino, Gambling, Betting, Poker website, which DA is 53+.

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