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He has done extensive work and research on Facebook and data collection, Apple and user experience, blockchain and fintech, and cryptocurrency and the future of money. The first step once the topic is accepted is to write a table of contents. This helps make it clear to both you and us what the central idea and the flow of the post will be. For a complete step-by-step guide on choosing the right keywords for affiliate marketing, go to this lesson. I’m just saying that to succeed at writing for affiliate marketing, there’s a specific formula you have to follow at all times. We love step by step posts, even if it’s a simple concept that you believe everyone already understands.

Affiliate fraud is false or unscrupulous activity conducted to generate commissions from an affiliate marketing program. Publishing of the guest post will not be done immediately as we take time to verify, and modify your article and it may take hrs or in some cases takes a week. You have to submit a guest post in MS Word or Google docs format. During this stage of the process, we reserve the right to edit content for clarity and readability. Also, we can add or remove both internal and external links to add value for our visitors.

Set yourself apart from the pack by loading your site with high quality content that speaks directly to your potential customers. With your branding and our content, your site becomes a conversion machine! Don’t rely on copywriting services that don’t get the affiliate marketing game like we do.

After identifying a platform, find a specific category that you are comfortable with or interested in. A focused segment can better help you attract a dedicated consumer base. Research affiliate programs and choose one or more based on your needs, whether it be earning high commissions or generating more traffic. Lastly, develop solid and interesting content around the offerings and work to increase traffic to your site. Yes, there are several free platforms and affiliate networks available for little or no money. Instead, you will need to big a large online following through efforts such as blogging, social media posting, and so on.

It is where one of the keys to affiliate marketing resides. Here the websites are known as affiliates that are responsible for advertising advertisers by publishing their promotions or ads. To avoid any conflict of interest, our contributors may not mention any tool, product, or service they are in any way affiliated with.


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Doing follow-ups and even writing on the limited good points of the opposition can show you are not totally biased. Monetize.info is an award-winning blog that help creators to monetize better their work or digital assets. With almost 200K readers every year, it is one of the most popular monetization publications that focuses on the new creator economy. Use screenshots.When possible, incorporate screenshots in the article. They provide a bigger value than any stock image, as they help the reader understand the subject better. While doing that, think of keywords you want to rank for and your chosen topic (use your keywords list!).

Analyzing ads in public to figure out if you could write it better? Fighting the urge to red-pen any document that comes in front of you? Yep – if you’re guilty of these then it’s a serious tell-tale sign that… When it comes to finding writing gigs, there are a million places to choose from.

Often, those spending more time marketing the company’s products will earn more money. These are a few guidelines you must follow to submit a guest post on our blog. If we found an article not matching the guidelines, or not adding value to readers then we will reject your article. Plagiarized, Copied, Stolen contents, and Images are not allowed. Give proper attribution to images if you are referring to other content.

Personally, these are my favorite, because those who are interested in reading a comparison review are usually ready to buy, but aren’t sure which one. Sometimes I ask for 2-3 rounds of revisions, and we also make edits. If all goes well, I will publish your guest post within a week of accepting it. Search on our blog to check if your topic is already not published by other authors or by me before. You’re free to link to relevant content on your site as long as it’s relevant. Light editing for grammar, style, and formatting may be required (we’ll have you approve any changes) and some links may be replaced if they link to low-quality sources.

We are interested only in articles that are informative and helpful to our international audience. If you are interested in advertising your product or service, check our advertising offer. If there is a product or service you use that you think would benefit your readers, then write about your experience. You’ve built trust, so might as well guide them for or against any products you deem necessary.

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