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Yes, but only if you are a legitimate, established blogger who has a quality blog with unique content. If we think it’s the right fit, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post. If you’re a professional writer and think you can create great articles for us, contact us with some previous writing samples. We maintain an active presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

By the way, my site is accepting guest post and that’s great if it could be added to your list. Great list of blogs you have listed here and awesome tips that you have written. Thanks very much, I shall check out these blogs. Here’s a 10 point checklist that will be really come in handy for you on how to write an effective guest post that goes viral in 2022 and beyond. Conduct a proper website search to ensure that you’re pitching an idea/theme that’s not already covered. Engagement is essential for SEO as it means that the blog is active and readers are enjoying the content.

For guest posting, you can include two links to your site and include an author’s bio. Please email me with 3-5 suggested topics beforehand. If it’s a good fit, I will respond with an estimated publish date. If you want to become a guest blogging rockstar, start using Semrush. As a buyer, you can get high-quality guest posts and relevant backlinks from over 25,000 publishers.

It will also be a helpful platform for up-and-coming writers or firms who are just getting their feet off the ground to expand their reach throughout the market. Real estate articles include buying a house, selling and renting a house, home improvement, and real estate investment. If you’re not sure of the right keyword to choose, then you can choose an attractive title that’s explains something. This type of title can start with a how/why/when/where/who words. Articles must be completely free of plagiarism – they will be checked thoroughly using several plagiarism detection tools.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Whether you know it or not, your guest posting success will be mostly dependent on the connection with the blog owner where you want to publish your stuff. If you are looking to grow your traffic and brand awareness with guest posts, then Guest Post Tracker is a must-have tool. Apart from these, we’re also interested in publishing any topic that marketers, project managers, and designers can find value in. This can include things like remote team development, writing, design, and larger internet trends.

This is a long blog post so break them with images. When conducting research for a blog post, be sure to pull quotes from other sources that can help to enhance your piece. Including quotes from other sources in your blog can help to add credibility to your writing. Rambling articles are harder to read and won’t be accepted. Please note that after we publish your article, we hold the rights to whatever content you have submitted.

Topics that have been previously published on our website won’t be accepted. I’m always looking for ways to work with companies and fellow bloggers! Here is my background and policy on guest posting.

I have no idea about others blog of same kind. But if you want then you can list that to the technology category and write in bracket as. For the second one, I’m thinking of adding a special category for mobile phones or electronic items.

You can start working on your guest post once the brief has been approved. Your work should be original and not a derivative of an existing content. Please check it on tools like Copyscape to avoid plagiarism.

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