Scott Clarke 2 Thessalonians 2 Timeline Video

Loren Sandford — Loren is the son of John and Paula Sandford, who’re somewhat famous in charismatic circles. He is the pastor at New Song Church and has turn out to be a more outstanding prophetic voice in recent years. He precisely known as Y2K and the Coronavirus panic. Has a burden for calling God’s folks to repentance and holiness. Marc Dupont — Marc Dupont will get talked about and has written some books, however I really do not know anything.

They cut up and he was aligned with Bill Johnson and Bethel for some time. I saw Steve at a couple of their conferences in Charlotte, and really favored him very all the means down to Earth, however clearly in touch with God. Harry Dematrillia — A strongly gifted prophet who ministered usually with Bob Jones within the early days of the Kansas City prophets. Bob has now gone on to be with the Lord, however he was known for giving uncommon occasion prophecies together with rhymes or track, but which often remarkably come to cross.

It is strange to me that Ross felt like he had the authority or should have tried to correct a person that, from the sound of his publish, he had no relationship with . I am also prepared to bet that Ross was not a frontrunner in the church and was only a regular member. Leaders within the church are supposed to handle disputes or matters like this because they’re those whom God grants the authority to take care of such points. It would be one factor if Ross had a private offense against Ron and needed to take care of that privately, scripture does give clear pointers on this. Still to me, this sounds like Ross was desirous to appropriate how Ron was operating in his gift (again making an assumption right here as I have no idea what Ross noticed or thought through his own “human observation”). I am also assuming that Ross didn’t go to church leadership and express his considerations to them.

Traveled the world in the prophetic ministry. Kevin Leal– Since being saved and crammed with the Holy Spirit in 1971, Kevin Leal has ministered internationally as an apostle and prophet. He relies in Pensacola, Florida, and has a special ministry to Air Force members. Dennis Tinerino — Raised in the projects of Brooklyn, Dennis Tinerino excelled in body-building as Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and four-time Mr. Universe.

Scott Clarke teaches a false, futuristic success of the seventieth week of Daniel 9, theOlivet Discourseand the prophecies in Revelation. He’s either very deceived or is purposely enjoying a task to deceive people. He seems katie zaferes dad death very honest, however the bottom line is that his clarification is off-target. Scott Clarke points to Moses and Elijah because the end-times two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Several weeks into the quick, there was an powerful outpouring of private prophecy, and a number of other different things. These events became the foundation of the trendy prophetic movement. What is gloomy is Scott has driven a wedge into the Church. He created a division amongst Christians who really believed the rapture would take place on the twenty third and folks who identified know man knows day or hour. Does this sound like any factor Jesus would want?

Troy Brewer — Troy Brewer is the senior pastor of OpenDoor Church in Dallas, TX. He releases prophetic messages he receives and also trains and mentors believers to move in the prophetic. Etienne Blom– Etienne Blom is a prophet and pastor who lives in South Africa and heads Kingdom Fire Ministries and Shammah Church. He has given prophecies to each people and teams around the world. Ron Campbell — Prophet from South Africa who now ministers in America.

Instead, he narrates various images and charts corresponding to from an astronomy program. Yet, as a pretribber his major focus is continually on the lookout for indicators of the rapture or Jesus’ return . As these never pan out, he has a reason to maintain producing videos with new theories. I know Ron Campbell personally and Ross Smith’s remarks are onerous to consider. Ron may be “in your face” and protecting, but he takes his role as a prophet significantly. He prefers to remain out of the limelight for a reason.

Known for supernatural ministry and founder of Elisha Training Center, a prophetic college. Cindy Jacobs –Usually considered for intercession, however really an excellent prophetic voice. She has a very robust political mantle, and has insider access with excessive stage political figures. Tom Stamman– Tom calls himself the “blue collar prophet.” It’s an excellent name as a end result of he has an insane work ethic.

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