Php: Filemtime Manual

Make notice that it’s going to throw a warning because the documentation states. While tobias makes a good level for manufacturing, when error reporting is off, this can enhance your performance over utilizing `file_exists`. However, if error reporting is on and it is writing to a log…

It is the dreaded time_t overflow bug for unix seconds. So when you use clearstatcache() and filemtime() to examine if a file has been modified, it would fail to detect the change. The modifications just need to happen inside less than a second. This perform returns the time when the information blocks of a file were being written to, that’s, the time when the content of the file was modified. If your website incorporates time-sensitive information—or even if it doesn’t—you could want to show the final time a file was modified on the website. This offers customers an accurate idea of how updated the knowledge on a web page is.

This used static methods on the File and Directory objects. The FileTime software makes use of these strategies however adds some additional error checking and choices. You can view the supply code for FileTime which is available in automationControls. With the following perform you possibly can set the date and time of all the files and sub-directories within a given listing. The operate takes a string that is the full path to a directory. It doesn’t examine whether or not this path represents a legitimate directory.

When the parent theme is energetic, that’s fine, as a result of get_stylesheet_directory() will level that file in the parent theme. ‘/dist/css/custom-style.css’), means get the file modified time of the parent themes dist/css/custom-style.css file. Then the error will not occur when loading a stylesheet that is lacking that file, and you will not need to re-eneueue it from that baby theme. The primary methodology of getting and setting the different dates and instances of recordsdata and directories has been demonstrated.

The function can turn out to be useful when dealing with browser caching. You can drive the download of a revised model of a stylesheet or page utilizing the filemtime() operate. The filemtime() PHP operate pimpandhost cm retrieves the Unix timestamp from the file. This timestamp signifies when the file was last changed. When I go to the web page supply, I see that the enqueueing labored.

You just must pass the full file path to the tactic and a DateTime object is about as required. Please notice that most of the features under that folks have provided to get files modified after a sure time in a listing will NOT get all information on a Windows operating system. Also on 32-bit techniques, filemtime() also doesn’t work for information with modification time set past Jan 2038.

An skilled in iOS software design and development, she makes a speciality of building technical hybrid platforms. However I added some additional is_file() checks which should also clear up the problem. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and get in touch with its maintainers and the neighborhood.

I would have been suprised if this is ready to have labored by way of HTTP, as I did not think internet servers uncovered that knowledge. Get_template_directory and get_stylesheet_directory do not do the same thing. Restating the reply from @JacobPeattie within the feedback above.

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