How to Write Health and Wellness Blogs

By submitting your article to us, you acknowledge that you accept our Terms. Posts should be between 600 to 1,500 words in length. We are open to considering longer posts if the topic is good. We don’t have a strict word count limit, but anything between 1,000 and 2,500 words works great! Also, we give a bit more preference to Health, Wellness and Fitness topics.

Mentor Pro owns an article after it has been published on our site. Without our permission, you are not entitled to republish that content. Though, we can give the credit to the writer if you can send us a proper bio with a headshot.

Carla has certificates in digital design and illustration, and she also produces ebooks and other visual content. Whether you own and operate a health and wellness blog, run a clinic, or are a nutritionist, you likely have the expertise necessary to develop great content. However, you likely lack that time and/or the required writing skills. That is why you should seek a platform that offers an all-in-one, seamless process. There are platforms, such as Scripted, which allow you to hire and create content without ever needing to leave the platform itself. The goal here is to boost productivity and efficiency, saving you both time and money.

The headline must reflect the content of the article. Here are the lists of higher Search Operators for guest posting. We can edit the content of your story if grammatical errors are found, along with adding logos, bylines, ads, images, etc. to your story. If you remove this content after your story is published, it will be removed from The Mission, and you will be removed from our list of contributors. In the spirit of trying to get your article the most exposure possible, we prefer unpublished drafts over published stories. Website’s algorithm favors fresh content, and our homepage is sorted by date of when the article was published .


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Health soothe accepts quality health, dental care, and fitness articles and publish it after proofreading by experts. Please use the form linked to this page to submit your idea to our team. While we can’t guarantee publication until we review a complete submission, we are happy to evaluate your topic and outline before you begin writing. We also consider fully-drafted pieces provided they have not been and will not be published elsewhere. We are always open to contributors who want to share their knowledge, experience and advice to the digital health community.

You can use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner to help you find the right keywords for your niche. Once you’ve targeted a few keywords, try to work them into your title and throughout your post. For example, How to Lose Weight is an easy keyword that could be used in many different ways throughout a blog post about weight loss. It could be included in your headline, within the body of text, or as part of an anchor text link back to your own site. The main purpose of targeting these keywords is that they’ll show up higher in search engine results pages which will increase visibility and traffic to your site or blog. Vibrant Life is looking for positive, beneficial stories on all aspects of health and wellness, from physical and mental health to spiritual wellbeing.

After your article has been reviewed, we will publish your content within 5 business days. Publisher Peter Solveson created these two magazines for Colorado hospitals and health care professionals. This local Seattle pub is all about produce, farming, and feeding its community well. Pitch relevant regional and seasonal articles to editor Rebekah Denn via email.

Scripted has been much more reliable, and the writing quality on Scripted has been consistently strong. Genesis has spent most of her life writing, both on her own projects and client work. From ebooks to product descriptions, she has experience in a wide variety of genres.

Please add the title of your article in the email subject line and share the article in a word document. We prefer 300px width and 300px in length.Bios without an image will not be published. Share this information with your friends who are good writers. We allowdo-follow linksfrom the article as much as you want. If you are a new writerthis is the best platform to give your name recognition.

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