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Whatever the reason, every person who has written for Upworthy as a freelancer in the past has had a pitch rejected by us at some point. Even our staff writers have story ideas rejected on a daily basis. Sometimes your story will almost make it to the pile of chosen stories, but another pitch will edge it out just slightly.

Or leave the city or suburbs every chance you get for a taste of country life? Write about it forCountry, a custom mag published by RDA Enthusiast Brands. You can find links pertaining to submission guidelines, the list of desired topics, and the media kit here. Her Money is a personal finance website written by and for women. Welcoming to readers of all gender expression, but especially female-identified individuals, the mag is particularly concerned about the gender wage gap. If you want to get paid to write “meaningful stories that move the needle on issues surrounding race,” consider pitching to The Root.


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This unique storytelling + data approach is working in Upworthy video, too. To look more deeply within the numbers, we are able to see that people are spending more quality time with Upworthy stories than others’. And that’s what we do every day — Upworthy brings massive numbers of people to important but traditionally challenging topics. We’re providing them with severance, health care, and support in their transition. We’ll help them land new gigs, offer enthusiastic references and use our personal networks to connect them with opportunities wherever we can. Any place that hires any of these Upworthians will be lucky to have them.

The layout of the website is intuitive and clients come to the writer, rather than the author seeking them out. ServiceScape allows authors to set their own prices, and the amount of work they receive will be proportional to the quality of the service they provide as determined by the clients. Happy clients generate more clients, and consistently happy clients will produce a correlated increase in earning. Furthermore, credentials are confirmed by ServiceScape, so all of your writing and editing credentials, degrees or other certifications, can be displayed prominently. A university degree or an English as a second language teaching certificate will be a big draw for clients.

The 2016 event featured 10 men and three women. A number of the scheduled writers offered to give up their spots on the panel to make room for women, which really was a nice gesture. We reject so, so many pitches every day, and there are many reasons for those rejections. We have a finite budget, so we have to be incredibly picky. We’re telling stories for a better world because we believe that we’re all part of the same story.

This website does not speak for Good/Upworthy in any way. To date, 242 academic journals have published Registered Reports. The full list can be found here, under the “Participating Journals” tab. With the Upworthy Research Archive, researchers can use the Exploratory Dataset to understand the structure of the data and write code to analyze it. Journals will then review the scientific merit of the Registered Report, and if they agree to publish it, the code can be run on the Confirmatory dataset to produce the final results.

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