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Rather, we use our platform to provide our readers with information. While we are very open with the kind of content that we accept on our site, we do have some restrictions. Any content that you submit to us should be completely unique and it should not be published anywhere else online. If we double-check your writing and discover that it’s been spun or that it’s plagiarized, it’ll be denied. We also don’t accept press releases or product comparisons.


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If you can’t find your issue, then it’s probably not forFlex House. It’s important to do regular checks around both the interior and exterior of your home to look for signs of pests. Take note of cracks near your home’s foundation where furry friends could break in, or roofing issues where you might welcome some unexpected visitors. You can call in a professional pest inspector to take a look once a year as well.

Most clients get their first piece of content to review within 72 hours. If your fire extinguisher doesn’t work in a time of emergency, it’s not really worth having. Make a note to check your extinguisher annually.

Take the royalty free images from stock websites or give the right credits to image owner. Use websites like pixabay.com etc to take relevant images for your blog post. I request you to read this guideline page fully before you submit me your home improvement guest post.

When you propose for guest posting despite of whatever you write in the body of the email, the first thing that comes to notice is your email Id and your subject line. The more your subject line is unique and attractive there is more chance of your email to be responded by them. Because even though you write a beautiful email and come up with the best quality home improvement guest post, it will be a waste if your email is never answered. But one drawback with this process is that it is a little time consuming and you need to pick up the right or the authentic sites from a long list of related backlinking sites. Please keep in mind, while you want to write an article for us. If your article has been accepted, He/she will contact you forward.

Moreover, we also offer content writing services by our expert content team. You can hire a content writer from us and he/she will always help you with nothing but flawless content. If you want to improve brand awareness, website traffic, and website authority, then Guest blogging for Home Improvement can help you a lot. If you have a digital presence in your Home Improvement business, then you should definitely go for guest blogging services. You can submit your guest post details and get it published within a 2-3 days. Hello Readers, WELCOME to Homeimprovementpot.com – A Home Improvement Guest Blog that accepts guest posts from home decor author.

The overall quality of our content is our priority. Here is a list of some topics or ideas that you may want to use to write your content. A main reason why you should consider guest writing for our home decor blog is that you can receive targeted traffic.

We accept articles from writers with expertise in any area of home remodeling, home design, home decor, real estate or home loans. (The author’s bio should not have a link attached to it). Your topic should be relevant and pertain to the home decor niche. We don’t accept any posts that serve to promote the author.

Your optimized content will climb the SERP ladder without sacrificing its audience appeal. “Jack of all trades” applies to our writer base, but our individual copywriters are masters in their fields. Build a solid digital marketing foundation with custom content for any niche target. Don’t forget to use the above search terms while finding the home décor blogs.

But choose your pressure washer and nozzle wisely—too much pressure can lead to damage or even crumbling on the exterior of your home. If your home has a sump pump in the basement, you should test it twice a year. Sump pumps typically last about 10 years, and with proper maintenance, could work even longer. You should plan on recaulking about every 5 years. It’s a simple process—just grab a tube of caulk, caulk gun, and this handy DIY caulking guide.

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