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The usage of bulletins would make your blog more compact. Our editors love write-ups that answer FAQs or numbered lists of tips/ reasons/ tactics. Do you have the ability to excite our readers with an in-depth look at what’s happening in the industry? External links should direct to a trustworthy and reliable site. If crediting statistics, link to the original study, not just another article that quotes the data. Welcome, all Digital Marketing bloggers who search for blogs related to the queries listed down.

We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and content written by AI tools. We will cease ties with any writers who break this rule. We love detailed articles, with a minimum word limit of 1000 words. Certain exceptions can be made in case of newsworthy content. Keep this in mind when writing your post, and you’ll create valuable content seen by some of the world’s most credible marketing professionals. Our blog aims to help all businesses make sense of and use different digital marketing and productivity practices.

If you need any help with social media advertising of your content, we do that as well. We reserve the right to not publish articles that do not meet our guidelines and edit articles as needed. Images, infographics, screenshots, technical illustrations, diagrams and charts, animated GIFs. If you use third-party images, don’t forget to provide the link to the original. Be well-researched and fully supported with numbers, metrics, and other statistical measurements of success.

Educate, teach, and solve problems with true solutions in your article. If you’ve observed that readers in a certain field have an issue with something, write a solution for them. The articles that solve readers’ problems tend to do well here. The phrase ‘write for us‘ is intelligible when it comes to digital marketing news and article publishing, a widely used term worldwide by many digital marketing vents. Thus we welcome everyone to contribute with SEO Cares and write for. Please check the following articles to see what kind of posts we have published in the past.

Trainers supported me and I got an opportunity to be a part of Novotus Information Technology. We can republish the story or share it on any social channel giving due credits to the author. If we select your story, it is sent for review to our editors. If it requires any changes, we send it back with our comments. If you don’t follow the above guidelines, you most likely will not hear from us.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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In starting or introductory paragraph must explain your vision, purpose, and how you will give value to the audience through your content. Writing a short and to-the-point introduction is always an engaging practice. Anchor text should read naturally in your article and be close to the content of the linked page . Ask for revisions when it’s not aligned with our purpose.

You can link relevant informative articles though. Please pitch us 3-4 topics first, so we can decide what will be most useful for our audience. Ensure that you have the full rights to publish whatever you submit. We normally check all articles submitted to us for plagiarism.

Equally, be specific about the product you’re selling. That means showing your audience how Embarque can improve the way they do content marketing. For example, by including a case study of how we helped MentorCruise increase their revenue by 800% through effective keyword research and SEO optimization. Needs your name and email address to process your submission and include you in the database of people interested in writing for and potentially working with GetResponse. I came across internet marketing school when I was looking for the best digital marketing institute that would provide practical knowledge about Digital Marketing.

You can write on the following topic in any helpful format. We do accept guest posts and are always seeking talented contributors who specialize in digital marketing and technology topics. First and foremost, you must know that we neither pay for guest posts nor charge for posting.

No press releases, sales pitches, duplicate content, copyright images owned by someone else, and web pages are to be shared when sharing your article. It should be well researched, and you should get your ideas from excellent contributors. Posts on social media to draw more attention to your blog post (Avg post reach is 50-70K each post). All of the social media platforms with large followings will post your content. The articles’ intention must motivate people, so the content should be enticing, pleasant, and engaging.

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