Dhs Censorship Company Had Unusual First Mission: Banning Speech That Casts Doubt On Pink Mirage, Blue Shift Election Events

If Haveibeenpwned was being compelled by it is authorities, it most likely couldn’t inform us overtly. Esson, Ilyas and Alfalasi pleaded responsible to cash laundering charges at Isleworth Crown Court on 18 May, 27 May and 27 June respectively. Alfalasi was sentenced on the similar court docket right now , with the remaining two due prosecutor down scourge online to be sentenced at a later date. “Clamping down on the export of undeclared money from the UK is significant in our struggle towards organised felony gangs. The community collected cash from felony groups around the UK and took it to counting homes, often rented apartments in Central London.

It’s bad sufficient that all the authorities censorship was hyper-targeted towards one particular aspect. As we’ve previously reported, the Atlantic Council played a key function in training journalists to contextualize disfavored politicians as trafficking in “disinformation” to offer a predicate for eradicating their voices — and therefore their domestic influence — from social media. The Atlantic Council seized the second after the 2016 US election to massively upscale its DFR Lab into probably the most outstanding “counter-disinformation” organization in the overseas policy sphere. Virtually each senior figure at CISA and across the other EIP entities concerned in censoring the 2020 election has immediately participated in Atlantic Council occasions, tying the networks collectively personally and professionally. However, the Atlantic Council represents a robust faction of the US international policy institution, within the diplomacy, defense and intelligence spheres.

Chertoff was the interim head and review authority for DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board after it was initially placed on “pause” for evaluation. It was the Atlantic Council’s “Forward Defense” / “Future Of DHS” blueprint report in September 2020 that formally posited DHS transition from a counterterrorism focus to a concentrate on “non-kinetic” threats such as social media misinformation. Incidentally, September 2020 is exactly when CISA formally began its censorship partnership with EIP.

Questions have been raised as to how efficient this model would be and, with a limited finances, whether different responsibilities would endure and not be resourced as correctly as they want to be. If the entire of Counter Terrorism Command had been to transfer from the Metropolitan police to the NCA, the NCA would obtain an additional 1,500 officers or more if different counterterrorism units transferred in as well. Plans are being discussed for the second time of transferring the Serious Fraud Office into the NCA.

After the Stanford disinfo lab, the second entity in the EIP censorship consortium is the UW disinfo lab. That is because the UW disinfo lab is anchored by Stanford laptop science graduate and Stanford visiting professor, the longtime social media censorship proponent and research analyst Kate Starbird. The Stanford Internet Observatory (“SIO” or “Stanford disinfo lab”) is a tutorial heart arrange in June 2019 for the purposes of selling Internet censorship insurance policies and for doing real-time social media narrative monitoring of focused political and social causes.

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