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However, this doesn’t mean that you must include this many characters. Mistakes and errors in your personal statement are harmful because they tell admissions committees that you’re not detail-oriented, you rushed your statement and because of that, you don’t really care about it, or their program. Ensure your statement is reviewed multiple times, ideally with a professional’s help, to ensure your essay puts your best foot forward and is free from any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. In general, it’s best to discuss 2-3 experiences in your personal statement. You should be able to discuss each experience in-depth, and reflect on what you learned from a particular experience.


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Mirlande was scared and reluctant to open her mouth for her first dental exam. I took her aside and, as she watched, I carved a perfect tooth from soap using dental instruments. I carved slowly and precisely, and then presented her with the gift. She put the tooth in her pocket and then allowed me to clean her teeth.

After the meeting, the instructor and I devised a detailed strategy to help the student maintain focus during class. As the instructor would be occupied with teaching, I would implement the strategy by checking up on the student frequently. I used a reward technique which allowed the student to play their favorite game for 5 minutes after finishing the task assigned by the instructor.

A young boy, 10 years old, complained of constant headaches and pain in his body. Upon examination, the dentist noticed his gums were dark purple in places and bled easily. Our team alerted a community doctor of a potential immune disorder, and the young boy was diagnosed and treated, returning to good health within months. That day, I learned that oral healthcare is holistic healthcare, and that it is a privilege to support those who may not have time, resources, or access to oral healthcare. To write for us, your guest posting articles must be related to the topic of dental health, oral health, dentistry or dentist. As a Dentist or Dental medical practitioner, you can become one of the most reputed healthcare professionals of wellness and disease prevention.

Each implant is covered with a crown for a natural-looking fully functional tooth replacement. Opportunity for a dentist – Dentists have an opportunity to build their own organization just after their dental college. This gives them a chance to establish their own business and create more opportunities for their professional life. Is your mission to serve others, contribute to your community, or grow your expertise through continued education? Expanding on these ideas can help your patients understand what truly matters to you. If you’re like most dentists you haven’t looked at your bio in years.

After successful teeth implants, my father was able to eat the food that he loves. Moreover, he could laugh with confidence again as he no longer needed to worry about hiding his teeth loss. Despite the positive outcome, my father’s dental visit-induced anxiety persists.

This process isn’t as standardized in Canadian programs, so you’ll need to check the application requirements for the programs and schools to which you are applying to see if a personal statement is required. Throughout my recovery experience, I have seen firsthand, a wide variety of the various disciplines in the health care industry and I still am most interested in the dental field. I find it fascinating how oral health can affect the overall health of the body; not just the ability to eat and digest foods properly, but how certain bacteria in the mouth have been linked to many other systemic diseases. The oral-systemic connection is something I am excited to learn more about. During my recovery, I spent years as a patient to many different health care professionals in many different fields.

To wrap things up, a vocation in this field is specifically satisfying. In helping individuals keep up their wellbeing and appearance, dental specialists play out basic public support to help individuals. To serve the present and future oral wellbeing needs of their patients, dental specialists blossom with a mind-blowing test of learning.

Made of a very thin piece of porcelain that is adhered to the front surface of your tooth, they are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and create beautiful, natural smiles. By Frank Milnar, DDS, AAACD Candidates pursuing Accreditation must demonstrate clinical excellence and knowledge of the … Not only that but writing a great bio will help improve your cosmetic dental SEO. Writing a bio aims to provide potential clients with a snapshot of the type of person you are.

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