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So, when you’ve got a paragraph of text, use bolded sections to help convey which part of that paragraph is most important and what they should pay most attention to. Pat openly shares that his Resources page is his number one source of affiliate income (and have you seen this guy’s income reports?). Once you receive topic approval, please follow the tips below when you write.


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When a user visits your website and is confronted with a large wall of text, they’re likely to click back to the search results and find a webpage that is easier to read. Short sentences and paragraphs are easier to read. By comparing different products, you help the reader understand the pros and cons of each product and which one is the best fit for their needs.

Buying products so you can review them before promoting them can be expensive. You’ll build goodwill even if you don’t make a lot of money. You’ll have to spend time working through and reviewing courses to make sure that they deliver on their promises . In other words, don’t limit your earning potential by geography.

In case you’ve used abbreviations, change them to the actual words they represent. Try to achieve a logical flow of information. At this point, the goal is to write down everything you know – fill out sub-sections of your outline with sentences relating to that topic. And by everything, we mean everything – even the ideas that might seem silly at first. Just write down as much as you can to not forget your ideas and don’t lose momentum.

It can also speed up the writing process by breaking your post down into smaller and more manageable sections. Search engine algorithms are getting better and better at judging the context of content, so you don’t need to keyword stuff. The higher the SEO Difficulty, the more high domain authority websites that are competing for the keyword.

If you have valuable tips, tricks, ideas, or techniques to share, then you’re more than welcome to write for us and help provide others with solid articles and useful insights. Visit the websites of other successful affiliate marketers. Absorb the rhythm and flow of their words. For a complete step-by-step guide on choosing the right keywords for affiliate marketing, go to this lesson.

An eye-catching, compelling headline encourages people to click through to read your content. When that’s not practical, check out the opinions of existing customers online, and note down what magazines and review sites say about the product. Creating an outline like this helps you to keep your blog post organized and structured.

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